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James J. Kenny

Rancho Cucamonga Family Lawyer / Divorce Attorney

Family Law Experts - San Bernardino, Riverside, Upland, Fontana, Ontario, Victorville, Corona, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino Hills
Family Lawyer Rancho Cucamonga

Child Support / Spousal Support

Rancho Cucamonga Spousal & Child Support Lawyer

Child Support

Child Support is one of the most common cases in Family Law after the divorce of a married couple or the end of a relationship where there is a child or children involved. Generally the law requires that the parent paying child support do so until either the child is no longer a minor unless the child has special needs. In some cases, child support is paid for the care and support of children even when a relationship never existed in the first place.

James J. Kenny is an experienced Child support attorney and will represent you aggressively and compassionately to make sure your goals are met with the best interest of your child in mind. The Family Law office of James J. Kenny has more than 38 years of experience with child support and spousal support cases and can help you with your family law case.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is the term used when one spouse pays another after a divorce for the purpose of maintaining the former spouse's standard of living during the marriage. Spousal support, or alimony, is highly based on facts in the state of California including the length of marriage and the standard of living during the time of the marriage. The court can decide to award temporary or permanent spousal support to one party. Alternatively, the parties may choose to negotiate a settlement (subject to the approval of the court) which provides for alimony or avoids it all together. It is also possible to opt out of alimony through a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement which is also something that James J. Kenny is experienced in. s

Read a 5-Star review James J. Kenny received regarding his Spousal Support Services by clicking Here.

If you are looking for an experienced Attorney or Lawyer to assist you with your spousal support or alimony case, call the Family Law Office of James J. Kenny today! We have offices located in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca and San Bernardino, Ca and we also offer virtual appointments if necessary and for your convenience.

As a result of changes in federal tax laws, spousal support orders will likely decrease by 20% starting Jan 1st of 2019. Rules are still being developed but planning now is essential.

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